Bloodbowl At BRGA

We play Bloodbowl, and manage our New 2016-17 League via the NAF OBBLM, link below:
Online Bloodbowl League Manager via the N.A.F.

If you are interested in joining simply sign up via the Above Link, ensuring you select our League:
Bognor Regis Gaming Association Leeg

We have three Main Divisions;


Division for Open Play – Free-For-All, Ad-Hoc Matches playing teams of ANY Team Rating, on an occasional basis


Fixed Round Robin League lasting four Seasons, where four people play each other once/month in each Seasonal “Division” Tournament.

We use OBBLM Tournaments for our Seasonal “Divisions”. E.G. “Season 1 Division A”
Each Tournament on OBBLM Representing a Seasonal Division is Grouped in NAF OBBLM Division “BRGALeeg”.
Each League on NAF OBBLM is a separate Bloodbowl Club somewhere in the world… )
Pre-Season Levelling within Seasonal “Division” Tournaments.
Then Promotion / Relegation.
Includes KnockOut Tournaments at the end of each season:

  •  The Chaos Cup
  • The Dungeonbowl
  • The Spikey Open and
  • The Blood Bowl


Fixed Round Robin League For Teams that are over TR150. Details still to be confirmed, but my proposal is ONE BIG Division(depends how many SUPERLeeg teams join), where everyone plays everyone else FOUR Times.  Possibly with Spiralling Expenses and perhaps some In House Rules.

SUPERLeeg Teams should I think also compete in their own Class of KnockOut Tournament at the end of each season:

  •  The Chaos Cup
  • The Dungeonbowl
  • The Spikey Open and
  • The Blood Bowl

The organisers of the Four “Majors” do not permit SUPALeeg Teams to compete against BRGALeeg Teams? TBC

We have the capability to Import your Team into our leeg via an xml file.
In fact, we are in the process of importing Teams from our PREVIOUS OBBLM Portal to NAF OBBLM:
OLD brgaleeg site – Expires Jan 17
If you are are / were on our old Portal and want your team to continue past End December 2016, please email the Team Name(s) you want to Keep, and WHICH of our Three Divisions you’d like to join.

We also organise a charity Bloodbowl Tournament in August called Thrudball