Almost done


So started on the base now.
Used some texture paint on the base. This is very nice to drybrush but advise painting over it fist to help hold it down.
The for the symbols on the arch I will just water down some brown paint and use a fine brush to let it run into the resesses .

Painting update 2: electric boogaloo

Not much action on Colette I’m afraid, just cleaned up and base coated. Ive had some other stuff that needed finishing, which is now pretty much done.

Her leg is pretty fiddly and so I need to be a bit careful when I decide to glue it. Colour scheme is pretty sorted in ny head. Red/purple with dabs of blue on the flame.

Still not sure how to get the fleshtone I want. A bit lighter than Kislev flesh, I think.


And a little more progress


Ok so last night I stated the highlights and shading on this chap as well as matalic paint.
Good tip is to do as much matalic paint as you can in one go and to use a different/fresh pot of water for non matalic paint. The reason is that the matalic paint can stick to the brush when dipping it and leave a matalic sheen on you non matalic paint you just applied.


Ok so a little progress so far.
Just basic flat colours at the moment and still gave to do matalic colours and base.
Decided to go reversed order of colours to rest of harlequins as they have black coats normally but I wanted him to have more purple to stand out for slanesh.
Next up will be matalic colours as well as shadow and highlights and other details :).


Painting update


So I decided to try something different for this guy and go for a directional highlight with my undercoating.


I then went with some flesh tone on the skin areas and have based the cloak with a dark purple


still not sure how im going to do the clock though =S

My entry for the painting compation


My entry is a Necron Lord from a catacomb command barge but as I have one already I’m converting him to be holding a two handed warscythe. I will be painting him in my normal necron couler scheme (it is not silver) as most of you know I don’t stick to the schemes everybody uses, I like to make up my own wacky ones.

Basing Ideas?

I’ve been thinking about basing accents/options

Basic idea is greenstuff cobblestone, then for interesting stuff I have

Water (clear and bright blue)
Small rocks

I tore up some of the cork, Im not sure if I like the effect, or what I could use it for/as Anyone got an opinion or other ideas?