Painting comp

hey I hope im not too late, and im still waiting for my base to dry so ill try and get a picture of it later =S


decided to go for a stone clock


all done just need to wait for the base to dry


Right he’s really done now =D I did the base to look like he was in space as his character can travel through dimensions and stuff.


Open day April 30th 2016

It is upon us.

The open day, a day where we open our doors all day, and welcome people who are members and non members alike.

We open our doors at 09:00 and are open a whopping 14 hours till 23:00 that night. We will have space for lots of people to play all sorts of games. We have a planned game of warhammer 40K. A Huge conflict between the Tau Empire and allies Vs The Everliving metal legion of the Necrons.

We have an X-Wing Tournament being planned. Please contact us at

We are also having a Warmachine tournament that day, please email us at for more information.

The club has guests visiting from a local company who sell Games Workshop, Magic the Gathering and almost any cardgame under the sun! Please check them out at CGC Emporium Chichester On The day they will be taking orders and demonstrating some of their fantastic games they sell.

Later in the evening we will be playing Cards Against Humanity, which will be a free-for-all casual game where anyone can join at any time.

There will be tables available for you to drop in with your own collections and play a game. Please contact us on if you’d like to reserve a table for a small fee.


Entrance on the day will be £5. We have a licensed bar and depending on numbers we may be offering a small snacks stand.

Once more unto the breach dear friends, once more.

Star Darts Dates 2016

Dear BRGANs,

The Newtown Head Barmaid has informed me that the following Dates are NOT available in the Main hall on our regular Tuesdays:

08/Mar/16 – We cannot book Monday 7th March, OR Main Hall WEDNESDAY 09/03/16

15/Mar/16 – We don’t have a firm booking YET, but could have Main Hall MONDAY 14/03/16

22/Mar/16 – We don’t have a firm booking YET, but could have Main Hall MONDAY 21/03/16

Alternatively we could inquire about the small hall, or cancel club those weeks.

Please discuss below, poll link to be added shortly.

Frank Hill, Club Leader.



Painting Comp Pictures!

Alex and I didn’t see eye-to-eye on the technical aspects of how the comp can be run. I will try and implement a bit more functionality so we can do some funky things, but you have 2 options for your pictures, either:

Upload them to a site like Imgur and post a link in the comments / send me a private message with the link.


Email them to me (webmaster[at]

Whatever way you do it, I/Alex will make a gallery post every week, so we can see everyone’s progress.

Paint cans at the ready…

Kill team campaign

A few of us are trying to get a kill team campaign up and running and once we get a rough idea of numbers we can start working out how best we can run it.

For those not in the know, kill team is a warhammer 40k expansion made by Heralds of Ruin, with its own rules that are very in depth. For a player that knows the basic rules well it’s a good challenge, and for those starting out a good chance to learn the basics with fewer points. You start with 250 points (points for all armies can be found on the Heralds of Ruin website) the army size increases as you play more games

for a little gander of the rules and points I’ll add a link to the Heralds of Ruin webpage (if the link works)

New Local Gaming Shop!

I’ve already shared this on our whatsapp group, as has Frank, but these guys definitely deserve a more formal shoutout.

There’s a new local gaming shop in Chichester called CGC Emporium. They’re on North Street, quite far up, just before guildhall street. They’ve got a pretty diverse catalogue, from boardgames, CCGs, Comics and Miniature games. Their minis are predominantly Star Wars (X-wing/Armada) with a bit of GW that’s just come in.

They also do coffee etc and have a space to sit and play games. £3pp and you can rent one of their house games and give it a go before committing to a game you might find you didn’t like. Dead of winter particularly caught my eye.

Tom and Owen are obviously really passionate about their hobby and I’d recommend poking your nose in and saying hi. I had no intention of getting a game today, but who can say no to this:


Let’s blow up some kittens…

I’ll make ya famous kid!

We’re in print! Tabletop Gaming Magazine’s winter issue (Issue 3) has us listed in their club directory for the first time. The magazine’s a really good read and covers miniature and board games. Well worth a fiver every few months. This issue has articles about airbrushing, Star Wars games roundup from fantasy flight and an interview with Wil Wheaton.