DE incubi

So I have been trying to get my dark eldar to a size that they can stand alone rather than team up with my eldar and that has been going well so far.

The unit I am working on at the moment are my incubi and got to say I love this unit and so I wanted them to stand out. The main colour of my armour for my DE is red but for these chaps I decided to have them black with red highlights to make them feel menacing but also fit in. I gave them a little orange and yellow highlight on the very edges of the armour to help make it stand out and green eyes and blade to help tie them into the rest of the force. I then wash the entire thing in army painter strong shade to help blend all the colours together. I still got 5 more to do and all the bases as well but you get the idea.

I hope this unit will fill a important roll in my force for dealing with things like terminators.

Hope you like them and if you got any questions or comments please post and I will get back to you ūüôā

Main Hall Clashes

Please note on the following Tuesdays, the Main Hall is booked for Darts Cup Matches.

These are Annual bookings that predate the existence of BRGA.
Also these nights raise much larger revenues for the Newtown than our little club.

However, they have agreed that we can pay half the usual £40 hall fee for the main hall, or nothing if we are in the small hall.

The Unavailable Dates are:

14th June Рwe can either have the small room 14/6, or the Main hall either Monday 13th or Wednesday 15th
21st June – we can either have the small room 21/6, or the Main Hall 20th
16th August – Newtown can only offer the small room as both Monday 15th and Wednesday 17th August are booked
30th August – We can either have the small room 30/8, or the Main hall Monday 29th


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Fliers and movement.

So last night we had a situation in a game where a player didn’t move his flier, he did not also declare that it was hovering.

The question is, Is that flier wrecked?

The wording says a zooming flier may not voluntarily move less than 18 inches otherwise it is wrecked.

The general opinion is that yes, if dice had been rolled in the next phase, and your opponent notices that you haven’t moved your zooming flier, or declared it is hovering (if it has that ability) then it is wrecked.

But other opinions would be great, as many different people may read the rules and interpret it differently.



Regards to the extra dice in the x wing tournament.

Im really not keen on this idea as it will seriously unbalance the dice phases of the game. Some ships pump out an obscene amount of attack dice already at range one and its easy enough for them to do it. On the flip side with the evade dice some ships are ¬†ridiculously hard to hit as it is. You throw in tokens and re-rolls in.I feel this is not required as the game already has mechanics that can be abused to a certain extent. it doesn’t need another.

B.R.G.A. AGM 3rd May 2016, Newtown Sports & Social CLub

Humble apologies B.R.G.A.Ns, but due to INCREDIBLE work pressures I have been unable to compile our AGM yet.
It should really have happened End March 2016. (BTW, guess where I am? STILL at work).

I have therefore had to set the AGM to 03/May/16, to give us time to get the Open Day 30/04/16 out of the way first.
Here is the AGM’s Agenda, advised 05/Apr/2016 (28 days before the AGM = 03/May/2016)

B.R.G.A. AGENDA 2016 

  • ¬†Appoint ( or Reappoint):
    Club Leader – Currently Frank Hill

    NOTE: I am looking to step back , temporarily, from my Role, and would like to Nominate Mike Terry as an Interim BRGA Leader  РHowever, I need to discuss this with him first over the next few days.

    – Currently Stephen Bennett (overseeing me, until I can get them into a format he can easily handle)

    (we call ours the “Quartermaster”) – currently Sam Trotter and

    Membership Secretary
    – Currently Ryan Hodgetts(Again, nominations for this should really be submitted 28 days beforehand, but we’re an informal bunch at BRGA.)
  • ¬†Compile and present Club Finances
  • List Club Assets
  • Discount Agreements with Gaming Suppliers
    (G.C.N affiliated Suppliers, A.F.O.D. and A.N.Other -S.Bennett has details) 
  • Preferred Primary Contact methods (Inter-Member, Newsletter, emergency)-¬†Doodle / Survey Monkey?
  • Promoting greater usage of our Website
  • Better Discussion Structuring on Whatsapp 
  • KILLing our old Warbunka Forum?
  • General direction of our club
  • Forthcoming Events
  • AOB – Members chance to raise issues / ask questions etc


I’ll see you all on Tuesday 3rd May then(well, probably before then)!


Frank Hill, Club Leader, GCN Club BRGA (Dated 05/Apr/2016)


Salute is a one day convention at the ExCeL Centre in London, put on by South London Warlords. This year’s salute is on Saturday April 16th.

What’s it all about?

It’s basically nerdvana. It’s not dedicated to any one miniature game or boardgame. There’s demos for all the new hotness and traders of all sizes; from one man bands to the likes of Wayland Games (at least you don’t have to wait for them to deliver!). Forgeworld had a big stand last year with a queue around the venue. A lot of the traders will do show discounts/specials, if you are looking for something in particular.

If you don’t want to empty your wallet,¬†you can spend the entire day playing games. Last year Beasts of War brought over a massive self made Star Wars game depicting the assault on Hoth. You could dive in, rules and minis provided and just crack on as part of the or the .

Tickets are only £12, although obviously you need to get yourself up there and back. There are a few people that have already planned to go or bought tickets.

Tickets can be bought from their website or via their page.

I will probably be getting the train up there, if a few of us want to catch the same train.



(Totally not showing off our new Font Awesome icons…)