Salute is a one day convention at the ExCeL Centre in London, put on by South London Warlords. This year’s salute is on Saturday April 16th.

What’s it all about?

It’s basically nerdvana. It’s not dedicated to any one miniature game or boardgame. There’s demos for all the new hotness and traders of all sizes; from one man bands to the likes of Wayland Games (at least you don’t have to wait for them to deliver!). Forgeworld had a big stand last year with a queue around the venue. A lot of the traders will do show discounts/specials, if you are looking for something in particular.

If you don’t want to empty your wallet, you can spend the entire day playing games. Last year Beasts of War brought over a massive self made Star Wars game depicting the assault on Hoth. You could dive in, rules and minis provided and just crack on as part of the or the .

Tickets are only £12, although obviously you need to get yourself up there and back. There are a few people that have already planned to go or bought tickets.

Tickets can be bought from their website or via their page.

I will probably be getting the train up there, if a few of us want to catch the same train.



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Adam’s probably finished painting comp entry

It’s late, but she was just such a joy to paint I made a push to get her done.

Overall, there are several things that aren’t perfect, but I suppose you will never get perfection. I like the colour scheme I ended up with, the biggest issue was getting a skin tone I was happy with. This was also really the first attempt at wet blending on the corset, which I think went quite well.

There may be a bit of tidying up or minor highlights to come, but this is essentially it.

It was fun trying to paint to a schedule that wasnt about getting it on the table to play, so thanks to Alex for organising all this.



Painting update 2: electric boogaloo

Not much action on Colette I’m afraid, just cleaned up and base coated. Ive had some other stuff that needed finishing, which is now pretty much done.

Her leg is pretty fiddly and so I need to be a bit careful when I decide to glue it. Colour scheme is pretty sorted in ny head. Red/purple with dabs of blue on the flame.

Still not sure how to get the fleshtone I want. A bit lighter than Kislev flesh, I think.


Basing Ideas?

I’ve been thinking about basing accents/options

Basic idea is greenstuff cobblestone, then for interesting stuff I have

Water (clear and bright blue)
Small rocks

I tore up some of the cork, Im not sure if I like the effect, or what I could use it for/as Anyone got an opinion or other ideas?


Adam’s Painting Comp Entry

Here’s my entry for the painting competition. I shall be painting Colette Du Bois, an archanist from Malifaux. I’m painting her because the last pinup style miniature I painted, I really enjoyed.

As for theme? I’m not really sure. I’ll definitely use the cobblestone effect on the base again, I’ll probably have Colette in a purple costume with a blue flame in her hand, probably with a very light yellow/brown leather something to break it up a bit. All a bit up in the air until I get her off the sprue and undercoated 🙂


Painting Comp Pictures!

Alex and I didn’t see eye-to-eye on the technical aspects of how the comp can be run. I will try and implement a bit more functionality so we can do some funky things, but you have 2 options for your pictures, either:

Upload them to a site like Imgur and post a link in the comments / send me a private message with the link.


Email them to me (webmaster[at]

Whatever way you do it, I/Alex will make a gallery post every week, so we can see everyone’s progress.

Paint cans at the ready…