Fliers and movement.

So last night we had a situation in a game where a player didn’t move his flier, he did not also declare that it was hovering.

The question is, Is that flier wrecked?

The wording says a zooming flier may not voluntarily move less than 18 inches otherwise it is wrecked.

The general opinion is that yes, if dice had been rolled in the next phase, and your opponent notices that you haven’t moved your zooming flier, or declared it is hovering (if it has that ability) then it is wrecked.

But other opinions would be great, as many different people may read the rules and interpret it differently.



Open day April 30th 2016

It is upon us.

The open day, a day where we open our doors all day, and welcome people who are members and non members alike.

We open our doors at 09:00 and are open a whopping 14 hours till 23:00 that night. We will have space for lots of people to play all sorts of games. We have a planned game of warhammer 40K. A Huge conflict between the Tau Empire and allies Vs The Everliving metal legion of the Necrons.

We have an X-Wing Tournament being planned. Please contact us at xwing@brga.club

We are also having a Warmachine tournament that day, please email us at warmachine@brga.club for more information.

The club has guests visiting from a local company who sell Games Workshop, Magic the Gathering and almost any cardgame under the sun! Please check them out at CGC Emporium Chichester On The day they will be taking orders and demonstrating some of their fantastic games they sell.

Later in the evening we will be playing Cards Against Humanity, which will be a free-for-all casual game where anyone can join at any time.

There will be tables available for you to drop in with your own collections and play a game. Please contact us on openday@brga.club if you’d like to reserve a table for a small fee.


Entrance on the day will be £5. We have a licensed bar and depending on numbers we may be offering a small snacks stand.

Once more unto the breach dear friends, once more.