Painting Mist

Hello Sports fans

My Mortician team was having some problems with controlling the ball in most of my games, so they have decided to bring in some outside help.

Mist is one of the premier goal scorers in the game so i decided to pick him up and and put my painting progress on here.


I started by making a slight adjustment to one of the folds of his cloak so that the end of his staff was more visible.

more updates soon


Painting comp

hey I hope im not too late, and im still waiting for my base to dry so ill try and get a picture of it later =S


decided to go for a stone clock


all done just need to wait for the base to dry


Right he’s really done now =D I did the base to look like he was in space as his character can travel through dimensions and stuff.


Painting update


So I decided to try something different for this guy and go for a directional highlight with my undercoating.


I then went with some flesh tone on the skin areas and have based the cloak with a dark purple


still not sure how im going to do the clock though =S