Alfie’s finished competition entry

I actually finished painting him 2 weeks ago (the same day I entered) but I couldn’t find my basing stuff, I finally found it yesterday and now he’s finished.

image image

I’m very happy with how he came out (yes that is my colour scheme), as I don’t get a lot of time to paint I don’t do many coats. I started with a black base layer, then I painted the cape before glueing his torso and legs together, then I painted the red on the right side, I start with a darker one then the bright red as I found it looks better that way. Then the blue on the left, the green and gold followed. This is the first model that I tried the metallic wrists and calves on (I love the look of it), then did the scythe and added a wash in places. There is more detail than in the pictures but I couldn’t get better ones and keep the light.

My entry for the painting compation


My entry is a Necron Lord from a catacomb command barge but as I have one already I’m converting him to be holding a two handed warscythe. I will be painting him in my normal necron couler scheme (it is not silver) as most of you know I don’t stick to the schemes everybody uses, I like to make up my own wacky ones.

Kill team campaign

A few of us are trying to get a kill team campaign up and running and once we get a rough idea of numbers we can start working out how best we can run it.

For those not in the know, kill team is a warhammer 40k expansion made by Heralds of Ruin, with its own rules that are very in depth. For a player that knows the basic rules well it’s a good challenge, and for those starting out a good chance to learn the basics with fewer points. You start with 250 points (points for all armies can be found on the Heralds of Ruin website) the army size increases as you play more games

for a little gander of the rules and points I’ll add a link to the Heralds of Ruin webpage (if the link works)