DE incubi

So I have been trying to get my dark eldar to a size that they can stand alone rather than team up with my eldar and that has been going well so far.

The unit I am working on at the moment are my incubi and got to say I love this unit and so I wanted them to stand out. The main colour of my armour for my DE is red but for these chaps I decided to have them black with red highlights to make them feel menacing but also fit in. I gave them a little orange and yellow highlight on the very edges of the armour to help make it stand out and green eyes and blade to help tie them into the rest of the force. I then wash the entire thing in army painter strong shade to help blend all the colours together. I still got 5 more to do and all the bases as well but you get the idea.

I hope this unit will fill a important roll in my force for dealing with things like terminators.

Hope you like them and if you got any questions or comments please post and I will get back to you 🙂

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