Main Hall Clashes

Please note on the following Tuesdays, the Main Hall is booked for Darts Cup Matches.

These are Annual bookings that predate the existence of BRGA.
Also these nights raise much larger revenues for the Newtown than our little club.

However, they have agreed that we can pay half the usual £40 hall fee for the main hall, or nothing if we are in the small hall.

The Unavailable Dates are:

14th June – we can either have the small room 14/6, or the Main hall either Monday 13th or Wednesday 15th
21st June – we can either have the small room 21/6, or the Main Hall 20th
16th August – Newtown can only offer the small room as both Monday 15th and Wednesday 17th August are booked
30th August – We can either have the small room 30/8, or the Main hall Monday 29th


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