Fliers and movement.

So last night we had a situation in a game where a player didn’t move his flier, he did not also declare that it was hovering.

The question is, Is that flier wrecked?

The wording says a zooming flier may not voluntarily move less than 18 inches otherwise it is wrecked.

The general opinion is that yes, if dice had been rolled in the next phase, and your opponent notices that you haven’t moved your zooming flier, or declared it is hovering (if it has that ability) then it is wrecked.

But other opinions would be great, as many different people may read the rules and interpret it differently.



One thought on “Fliers and movement.

  1. If it was zooming and it did not move at least 18″ it is dead….. however as this is a game and it is for fun and it has not progressed to far turn wise being a good sport and letting them move it would be the right thing to do (we all forget stuff afterall). That said if they are always forgetting to move it then don’t let them off so they might remember next time lol.

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