B.R.G.A. AGM 3rd May 2016, Newtown Sports & Social CLub

Humble apologies B.R.G.A.Ns, but due to INCREDIBLE work pressures I have been unable to compile our AGM yet.
It should really have happened End March 2016. (BTW, guess where I am? STILL at work).

I have therefore had to set the AGM to 03/May/16, to give us time to get the Open Day 30/04/16 out of the way first.
Here is the AGM’s Agenda, advised 05/Apr/2016 (28 days before the AGM = 03/May/2016)

B.R.G.A. AGENDA 2016 

  •  Appoint ( or Reappoint):
    Club Leader – Currently Frank Hill

    NOTE: I am looking to step back , temporarily, from my Role, and would like to Nominate Mike Terry as an Interim BRGA Leader  – However, I need to discuss this with him first over the next few days.

    – Currently Stephen Bennett (overseeing me, until I can get them into a format he can easily handle)

    (we call ours the “Quartermaster”) – currently Sam Trotter and

    Membership Secretary
    – Currently Ryan Hodgetts(Again, nominations for this should really be submitted 28 days beforehand, but we’re an informal bunch at BRGA.)
  •  Compile and present Club Finances
  • List Club Assets
  • Discount Agreements with Gaming Suppliers
    (G.C.N affiliated Suppliers, A.F.O.D. and A.N.Other -S.Bennett has details) 
  • Preferred Primary Contact methods (Inter-Member, Newsletter, emergency)- Doodle / Survey Monkey?
  • Promoting greater usage of our BRGA.club Website
  • Better Discussion Structuring on Whatsapp 
  • KILLing our old Warbunka Forum?
  • General direction of our club
  • Forthcoming Events
  • AOB – Members chance to raise issues / ask questions etc


I’ll see you all on Tuesday 3rd May then(well, probably before then)!


Frank Hill, Club Leader, GCN Club BRGA (Dated 05/Apr/2016)

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