well time for some corsairs at long last.
been a long time but got round to a design and Technic that lets me kind of mass produce the main parts i need to do.

first up we got the wing designs, there has been a progression as i learn more things and i now have a flat top wings design that allows me to use a open mold and this speeds things up a lot more and less chance of air bubbles.
just port it in and scrape the excess resin off the top to make it flat.

next up we have some images of the test corsair. i have gone for the multi-wings as i was inspired by someones wonderful conversion i saw in YouTube.
the head is from a dark eldar jetbike and the back is a modified dark eldar warrior heavy weapon pack.

anyway i hope you enjoy this little preview. still lots of stuff to do like stripping all the old plastic mins.

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