Alfie’s finished competition entry

I actually finished painting him 2 weeks ago (the same day I entered) but I couldn’t find my basing stuff, I finally found it yesterday and now he’s finished.

image image

I’m very happy with how he came out (yes that is my colour scheme), as I don’t get a lot of time to paint I don’t do many coats. I started with a black base layer, then I painted the cape before glueing his torso and legs together, then I painted the red on the right side, I start with a darker one then the bright red as I found it looks better that way. Then the blue on the left, the green and gold followed. This is the first model that I tried the metallic wrists and calves on (I love the look of it), then did the scythe and added a wash in places. There is more detail than in the pictures but I couldn’t get better ones and keep the light.

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