how to post for the painting comp

i thought it would be a good idea to let you now how to post your entries onto the sight

don’t worry it is not hard

step 1: sigh up to our this site (this is nice and easy).

Step 1.5: Tell Adam you want to be able to post, he needs to change your permissions! Either tell him via whatsapp, use the private message system on here (he’s webmaster) or email him: webmaster[at]

step 2: once you are signed up to the site you can now post your entries. to do this find the + new button located at the top left of the page and select post(see 1st picture with highlighted text.)

step 3: you will now find a page like the following, the two things you really want to make sure what you do here is give it a title (top of page) and to tick the categories box for painting competition 2016 (lower down on the right hand side of the page) i have highlighted and underlined both in the second picture.

step 4: now you can add text like normal but you will also want to put some pictures in. this is nice and easy from a computer and you can just drag and drop them into the post where you will be taken to the gallery screen. select the the ones you want to use post and then select create gallery in the left hand side of the screen and press the “create a new gallery” button on the bottom right hand side. the images will now installed into your post.

step 5: tell us about your idea for the paint job and enjoy 🙂 when you are finished just push the Publish button button.

if you don’t feel able to add the photos then email them to me or Adam and will add them to the competition section.

anything else please ask.

also please feel free to use the comment section to ask advise and make suggestions for peoples entries 🙂


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