Star Darts Dates 2016

Dear BRGANs,

The Newtown Head Barmaid has informed me that the following Dates are NOT available in the Main hall on our regular Tuesdays:

08/Mar/16 – We cannot book Monday 7th March, OR Main Hall WEDNESDAY 09/03/16

15/Mar/16 – We don’t have a firm booking YET, but could have Main Hall MONDAY 14/03/16

22/Mar/16 – We don’t have a firm booking YET, but could have Main Hall MONDAY 21/03/16

Alternatively we could inquire about the small hall, or cancel club those weeks.

Please discuss below, poll link to be added shortly.

Frank Hill, Club Leader.



3 thoughts on “Star Darts Dates 2016

  1. first off let me say it is good to see more people using this 🙂
    3 weeks in a row seems a bit much but i guess they have there reasons and at least we have fair warning.
    might be a good opportunity to have a few board games in the small hall or maybe a kill team event?

  2. I’d rather have the small than cancel. they dont charge us for the small hall, do they? I know its a pain for the big games. But we can arrang little games for those dates.

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