Painting Comp Pictures!

Alex and I didn’t see eye-to-eye on the technical aspects of how the comp can be run. I will try and implement a bit more functionality so we can do some funky things, but you have 2 options for your pictures, either:

Upload them to a site like Imgur and post a link in the comments / send me a private message with the link.


Email them to me (webmaster[at]

Whatever way you do it, I/Alex will make a gallery post every week, so we can see everyone’s progress.

Paint cans at the ready…

One thought on “Painting Comp Pictures!

  1. sorry man in my blissful ignorance i thought we could just drag and drop the photos into the comments like i have been doing so far but if that is not the case then due to size limits for the site and stuff then my bad.

    those of us who are on the warbunka forum already have access to a image hosting site automatically and it is free and easy to use chaps 🙂

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