some input for the campaign


hi chaps, I could do with a little input on the campaign.

above is a picture of the campaign map. now as it stands there is a central territory composing of the capital and starport. it is surrounded by  3 larger territory’s. the general idea is that each non imperial faction will start in one of these 3 territory’s and fight with the occupying imperial forces to dominate that territory and once all 4 city’s are taken in said territory they can move onto the capital to win the camping.

imperium win by wiping out the other factions, tall order but I want a desperate feel for the imperial forces.

if one faction looks like it is pulling ahead of the others then you can send a raiding force over there to nap a few tokens off a city and delay them but this will be up to the faction war master to decide.

while I like this system as it gives the impression that the imperium are under pressure on all fronts it is flawed in that I need a lot of imperial players (this should not be to bad) but also some factions might have more players and so get more games and possibly get an advantage there. there is bound to be problems I have not foreseen as well.

another big ass fly in the ointment is someone (who will remain nameless) would like to use an imperial knights army, now I don’t have a problem with just 1 big old lord of war running around during a game and think that is really cool but feel more than that is a bit much for just about everyone but me with my elder or Sam with his necrons to deal with. I cant force people to play him but the reason this is rather more annoying was that I thinking of having the faction war masters (or what ever we end up calling them) allocating there subordinate avatars (you) to take city’s or some such and this dose seem rather mean to send someone to there almost certain doom against an army of 5 towering almost invincible death machines.

so feed back on this and other suggestions would be very welcome as I would like this to be for everyone and for us to all have fun doing it not to mention giving some purpose to our games.

also I keep asking and getting ignored but I could really do with people letting me know if they would like to take part and what faction they would like to play for. it might be an idea to mention a primary faction and secondary faction if you are willing as I might need people to swap around a little to make things even.

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