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The main reasons for this comp is to get you chaps painting, have some fun and showing the stages of painting but it is also a good way to get you chaps to use the new blog site we have. It is very easy to drag and drop your photos into your post.

The only difference between a bad paint job and a grate one is a little knowledge and I hope as you less confident painters see others progress pictures you will see ways to improve you own painting as well.

I am resisting the suggestion that we all have the same miniature to paint largely as it means lots of us end up with a miniature for army or game that we don’t play.

Also I am resisting category’s as I don’t know how many of you will take part so splitting people down into smaller groups could well end up with one person in each.

throughout this please feel free to ask one anther questions on technique and help one another, this is a compaction but it is for fun so let’s help one another.

While I will have an entry I won’t be in the running and will be taking part more as a helper than anything and to demonstrate how I paint a min.

I will chose the finalists and let you chaps vote on the winners J

The winner/s will get a certificate J no money but if things kick off well for this one then future comps might have cash rewards.

Ok chaps here are some ground rules for the painting compaction.

Entries in between the 1st – 5th of Feb (entries before or after this are not counted)

And entry picture must be an unassembled miniature. It can be off the spru or on, and/or undercoated if you wish.

Entries can be for any system but only a single miniature be it a squig, super heavy tank, or building. Saying that time is limited so please keep that in mind.

Progress photos should be uploaded as often as you can and this is more for the community of the club and I ask you give civilised constructive criticism and support when people post.

The finalists will be chosen by me by the 18th of Feb. for you chaps to vote on in the final week of Feb with wines announced in early march.

The number of finalist and wining places will depend on the number of people taking part.

Also feel free to ask me question about the comp and your entries at paint club on the 2nd of Feb

Things are subject to change at this stage but this is the general idea.

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  1. hi there i have just posted a bit about posting 🙂
    you can post your entry photo by the 5th of Feb and you can start it in the first week of Feb just so we are all starting at the same point 🙂

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