New Local Gaming Shop!

I’ve already shared this on our whatsapp group, as has Frank, but these guys definitely deserve a more formal shoutout.

There’s a new local gaming shop in Chichester called CGC Emporium. They’re on North Street, quite far up, just before guildhall street. They’ve got a pretty diverse catalogue, from boardgames, CCGs, Comics and Miniature games. Their minis are predominantly Star Wars (X-wing/Armada) with a bit of GW that’s just come in.

They also do coffee etc and have a space to sit and play games. £3pp and you can rent one of their house games and give it a go before committing to a game you might find you didn’t like. Dead of winter particularly caught my eye.

Tom and Owen are obviously really passionate about their hobby and I’d recommend poking your nose in and saying hi. I had no intention of getting a game today, but who can say no to this:


Let’s blow up some kittens…

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