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hello chaps this is just a little post for Q&A for the campaign and to bounce ideas around

the below map is close to what I want but tweaking is still on going.


I could really do with an idea of what factions will be used. ideally I would like 3-4 at most and one of them will have to be imperial.

like last time there will be Avatars that will represent yourself on the battlefield. and I have ideas for each faction to have one avatar promoted to warmaster who is in charge of issuing the battle plan. the warmaster will get to use a named character or relic but if he is slain then that relic or named character cannot be used again. unlike last time you will not be able to change factions so choose well lol.

if your avatar is slain (providing it is not instant death) then you can roll on a table, he might miss a game recovering from his wounds or start the next game with less wounds or even be captured and require a small rescue mission to get him back.

as you can see the new map is more focused on taking city’s and as such each one has 3 blips. to take a city you must get them 3 blips to clime it by winning games. the bigger the game the more blips you win. the size of the game will also determine the sort of missions you will be playing.


small games of up to 500 points all with the kill team rule set are worth 1 blip. these games will be about rescue or destroy missions and represent clandestine operations.

medium games of 1000-2000 points will be worth 2 blips and have standard setup with most missions being objective based including planet strike missions.

large games of 2500+ and apocalypse size are worth 3 blips and are all about blowing stuff up and all out war.


the main issue I have at the moment is with the war master and giving them a suitable roll. the idea of allowing them to pick the mission and game size there factions preform is one idea but dose require you chaps cooperating a lot.

another idea was that the imperium can have an assassin who will be randomly generated and given a random warmaster as a target. the imperial warmaster can grant the use of said assassin to one person a turn in the imperial faction. once the assassins target is dead the assassin leaves the campaign and can not longer be used. (this is to stop the gaming turning into nothing more than assassin kill teams and to represent the fact that you wont get more then one type of assassin on a planet most time and they will have a target to aim for)

in the case of allies you can use them but they must be no more than 1/3 of your total points and you can not use them against there own faction so Tau could not use imperial allies against imperial forces for example.

anyway that should be enough to get you chaps started.

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  1. sorry for the late reply but did not set a notification on this, my bad,
    that is a good question. normal IC are dead but your avatar will roll on a table.
    still to be decided but basically a 1 is dead and a 6 is more likely to be captured.
    there will be modifiers for things like being taken out in close combat might make it more likely you are captured while being hit in the face at point blank range with a instant death weapon will more likely result in death.

  2. and as I remember I could do with people being helpful and saying if they are taking part and as what faction. remember you cant swap half way this time round.
    once I have this info I can really start to put things together and come up with why some factions are not involved any longer.

  3. Ok so just come up with this for Avatar Death

    1 dead
    2 avatar misses 1 game
    3 returns with 1 wound
    4 returns with 1/2 wounds
    5 captured
    6 captured

    Modifiers are not accumulative and the player that struck the killing blow may choose which to use in the event there is more than one.
    For example if an avatar was killed in close combat by a weapon that instant killed them then the player who’s miniature struck the killing blow can chose the modifier applied to represent trying to kill or capture the slain avatar.

    -4 if killed by Str D weapon
    -3 if killed by instant death weapon
    -2 if killed by weapon that grants no save
    +3 if killed in close combat

    if your avatar misses a game then a temporary warlord must be used, you can have no HQ and this warlord must be a squad leader if possible and no warlord traits can be used. (note this overwrites the 1HQ minimum in most cases) this might well also prevent you from using large combined formations as a result.

    If your avatar is captured then your next mission must be a special rescue mission, played against the same person who took them.
    if you failed to save your avatar and or he is killed during the rescue mission then your next mission counts as having the avatar missed the game and must create a new one for the following game

    if your avatar returns to a game with 1 or 1/2 wounds then and survives then he is restored to full wounds for his following game.

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