2016 Painting Competition!

OK chaps we got all the entries in and there is a good few here with lots of promise


All the info and updates will be posted here,

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And the winners are

Hello one and all.
It appears we have a tie for first place with both Sam and Adam getting 2 votes each and Alfie coming in second with 1.
You all did a grate job and I would like to thank you for taking the time to take part and using the site.
I will do more such events this year but maybe theme the next one.
painting competitions are a grate way to get motivated to paint that minature you been meaning to but never quite got round to.
I hope we can build on this event to get more people for the next and each of the finalists fro. This one will get a BRGA painting certificate with there place.
Thanks again chaps and I think each of you did a grate job on your entries 🙂

Painting Competition Voting


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Last few hours for final comp entries

That is right chaps last few hours to enter the painting comp. We only have two finalists at the moment with Adam and Alfie (I am not in the running for this). So post by and of day if you can please 🙂

Alfie’s finished competition entry

I actually finished painting him 2 weeks ago (the same day I entered) but I couldn’t find my basing stuff, I finally found it yesterday and now he’s finished.

image image

I’m very happy with how he came out (yes that is my colour scheme), as I don’t get a lot of time to paint I don’t do many coats. I started with a black base layer, then I painted the cape before glueing his torso and legs together, then I painted the red on the right side, I start with a darker one then the bright red as I found it looks better that way. Then the blue on the left, the green and gold followed. This is the first model that I tried the metallic wrists and calves on (I love the look of it), then did the scythe and added a wash in places. There is more detail than in the pictures but I couldn’t get better ones and keep the light.

Adam’s probably finished painting comp entry

It’s late, but she was just such a joy to paint I made a push to get her done.

Overall, there are several things that aren’t perfect, but I suppose you will never get perfection. I like the colour scheme I ended up with, the biggest issue was getting a skin tone I was happy with. This was also really the first attempt at wet blending on the corset, which I think went quite well.

There may be a bit of tidying up or minor highlights to come, but this is essentially it.

It was fun trying to paint to a schedule that wasnt about getting it on the table to play, so thanks to Alex for organising all this.



All done

So he is all done and I am rather happy with him. 🙂

Almost done


So started on the base now.
Used some texture paint on the base. This is very nice to drybrush but advise painting over it fist to help hold it down.
The for the symbols on the arch I will just water down some brown paint and use a fine brush to let it run into the resesses .

Painting update 2: electric boogaloo

Not much action on Colette I’m afraid, just cleaned up and base coated. Ive had some other stuff that needed finishing, which is now pretty much done.

Her leg is pretty fiddly and so I need to be a bit careful when I decide to glue it. Colour scheme is pretty sorted in ny head. Red/purple with dabs of blue on the flame.

Still not sure how to get the fleshtone I want. A bit lighter than Kislev flesh, I think.


And a little more progress


Ok so last night I stated the highlights and shading on this chap as well as matalic paint.
Good tip is to do as much matalic paint as you can in one go and to use a different/fresh pot of water for non matalic paint. The reason is that the matalic paint can stick to the brush when dipping it and leave a matalic sheen on you non matalic paint you just applied.


Ok so a little progress so far.
Just basic flat colours at the moment and still gave to do matalic colours and base.
Decided to go reversed order of colours to rest of harlequins as they have black coats normally but I wanted him to have more purple to stand out for slanesh.
Next up will be matalic colours as well as shadow and highlights and other details :).