40k mini league

hello everyone

i got to apologies first off as the clubs 40k leader for not being at club much for some time, this has been due to a lot of factors that where very much beyond my control and i hope to start making club more often.

i made it to club for the first time in a while the other week and was sad to hear that 40k is in decline at club. while i  think it is fantastic that we have lots of game systems represented at club i feel we are entering a new age for 40k not just with GW finally listening to the community giving us   cheaper deals for starting a collection and more options of armies to use and ways to use them but now also after 13 years they are progressing the 40k story line forward.

because of this i would like to create a league using the 40k in 40 minute system of old. the idea is each player uses 400 points forces with a number of limitations allowing for quick games that are more balanced then the larger games.

the good thing with this is that you can use existing forces you already have or use it as the starting block for a new army. the games can be played quickly and fitted in among other systems being played at club and i hope this will help invigorate people into playing larger games after we finish.

i still need to make the old 40k in 40 minute 7th end compatible but i was hoping to see how interested people would be in this.


please post here with any questions you might have






Painting Mist

Hello Sports fans

My Mortician team was having some problems with controlling the ball in most of my games, so they have decided to bring in some outside help.

Mist is one of the premier goal scorers in the game so i decided to pick him up and and put my painting progress on here.


I started by making a slight adjustment to one of the folds of his cloak so that the end of his staff was more visible.

more updates soon


Main Hall Clashes

Please note on the following Tuesdays, the Main Hall is booked for Darts Cup Matches.

These are Annual bookings that predate the existence of BRGA.
Also these nights raise much larger revenues for the Newtown than our little club.

However, they have agreed that we can pay half the usual £40 hall fee for the main hall, or nothing if we are in the small hall.

The Unavailable Dates are:

14th June – we can either have the small room 14/6, or the Main hall either Monday 13th or Wednesday 15th
21st June – we can either have the small room 21/6, or the Main Hall 20th
16th August – Newtown can only offer the small room as both Monday 15th and Wednesday 17th August are booked
30th August – We can either have the small room 30/8, or the Main hall Monday 29th


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Laser cutting

I found out Jim can get access to a laser cutter so I fancied making a little something a bit eldar like and more importantly blocks line of sight.
It is a very simple idea this one and hope it works out.
Should stand around 208 mm high.


Might try casting some gems to put on there as well but have to see how big it comes out first 🙂

If other people have ideas for stuff then please post here and I will see what I can come up with 🙂

And a big thanks to Jim

Fliers and movement.

So last night we had a situation in a game where a player didn’t move his flier, he did not also declare that it was hovering.

The question is, Is that flier wrecked?

The wording says a zooming flier may not voluntarily move less than 18 inches otherwise it is wrecked.

The general opinion is that yes, if dice had been rolled in the next phase, and your opponent notices that you haven’t moved your zooming flier, or declared it is hovering (if it has that ability) then it is wrecked.

But other opinions would be great, as many different people may read the rules and interpret it differently.